Apostle Marino has over twenty titles available in a variety of topics that reflect years of study in Scriptural understandings, theology, ministry, and Biblical commentary. Check her Amazon Author page to read more about them and purchase your copies today!

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Available in audio form, Apostle Marino has released six different teachings under the Roman Midnight Music label for your convenience.

For There is the Sound of Heavy Rain DVD

Many are unaware that a powerful shift is taking place in our day and age because they are missing the subtle signs of shifting in the spiritual atmosphere. Gain insights into the shifting of God in this day and age and the different signs we need to watch for as this shift takes place.

Price: $15

To Have a Pentecost-Ship DVD

Most denominations observe the “feast of Pentecost” in one form or another. Pentecost, however, is far more than just an observance on the Christian calendar of events. In one of Apostle Marino’s most infamous teachings, learn that our relationship with God is defined through the experience we, as believers, have with Him in our own personal Pentecost experience.

Price: $15

Order Four-Part DVD Series

Our world today seems circling in chaos. In this four-part teaching, learn about order - order in one’s self, order in the church, order through boundaries, and order within the home that will help clarify what order is and what it looks like.

Price: $58

Malachi Two-Part DVD Series

The Book of Malachi offers a wealth of instruction - and insight - into the world of leadership and the attention each leader needs to pay in their walk as leaders. In this two-part teaching, Apostle Marino teaches on the four-chapter book of Malachi and his important prophecy for today’s leaders.

Price: $28

Prayer Cloths (100 Pack)

Small, anointed and prayed over pieces of cloth perfect to take to the sick, the infirm, or shut-ins. Colors, designs, and patterns may vary.

Price: $30

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Price: $10 or more

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Apostle Marino's Power For Today program has been on radio and television for over seven years. Her newer program, Scribe Chronicles, introduces the reader to the writer's ultimate how-to, from inspiration to publishing and beyond.

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