Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in contact with Apostle Marino?

Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries is not at liberty to give out Apostle Marino's personal contact information. If you have something you would like directed to Apostle, send your message to the ministry and we will direct it as needed.

I want Apostle Marino to speak at my event. How can I arrange this?

Contact us at Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries about your event and the specifications of it and we will process your request. For specific information, please contact our office at (919) 397-9122.


What is Apostle's honorarium?

For events within the United States, Apostle requires her hotel and travel accommodations be covered. She also requires the inviting church or ministry to provide a love offering (at least $200) and a table where related items may be sold.


I am in a foreign country. Will Apostle come and speak at my event?

Apostle Marino will travel to a foreign country at the expense of the ministry who invites her. She will not travel to a nation where safety may be in question and security cannot be gauranteed. Hotel, airfare, and a love offering of at least $500 must be provided. If you are unable to meet these requirements, please save our time and yours and do not flood the ministry inbox accounts with requests for Apostle to travel at her own expense to your nation or to nations that are unstable or unsafe.


I live outside the United States. I need a sponsor to enter the country because I feel called to live and preach there. Can Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries sponsor me?

Neither Apostle Marino nor Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries serve as sponsors for foreign ministers and preachers to come to the US.


How can I speak for one of Apostle's events?

Speakers selected for Apostle Marino's events are by invitation only. She does not accept requests for speakers at her event. Those who are invited to speak are invited by the Lord's direction.


I want Apostle to be my covering. How can this happen?

If you are drawn of the Lord to be covered by Apostle, please read more about it on the "About our Ministry" page and our "Apostolic Fellowship International" page, keeping in mind the following: those who are covered by this ministry are required to tithe, required to go through Apostolic University Seminary's program for ordination, and maintain regular communication with Apostle. If you think, based on these requirements and after seeking God, that you would be a good fit for covering with Apostle, feel free to contact our office.


How can we get a donation from Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries or from Apostle?

Neither Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries nor Apostle Marino receive solicitation requests for money. We give as the Lord leads, not as we are sent emails. Please save our time and yours and do not flood the ministry inbox accounts with requests for money because we will not answer them.


How can we get copies of Apostle's books or teachings?

Our complete ministry catalog contains Apostle Marino's available teachings. You can purchase from the links on our e-Store found on this site. You can also purchase Apostle's book and download several teachings through, Barnes & Noble, and numerous other sites on the internet.


Is Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries doctrinally apostolic?

We are not a part of the apostolic churches that are based on extensive rules and regulations as pertain to salvation, but we do consider ourselves to be New Testament believers, ascribing to maintain our faith in a modern context. We are apostolic in doctrine, and Pentecostal in experience.


Is Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries a "King James Bible only" ministry?

No. As can be seen by our Bible quotations found throughout this website, Apostle uses a number of different translations, including the King James Version, but not exclusively. Other translations Apostle uses frequently include the New International Version, The Amplified Bible, The Living Bible, The Message Bible, and The New Revised Standard.


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